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Caladenia cardiochila - Heart-lip spider orchid

Caladenia carnea

Caladenia concolor - Crimson spider orchid

Caladenia caudata - Tailed spider orchid

Caladenia deformis - Blue fairies

Caladenia flava ---(2) - Cowslip orchid

Caladenia gladiolata

Caladenia hillmanii - Fairy fingers

Caladenia interjacens

Caladenia longicauda - White spider orchid

Caladenia macrostylis - Leaping spider orchid

Caladenia paludosus - Strap-beard orchid

Caladenia patersonii - Common spider orchid

Caladenia tonelli - Finger orchid


There are more than 70 species of the genus Caladenia. They are endemic to Australia, New Zealand and New Caladonia. Caladenia with long spidery perianth segments are called spider orchids. The underground tubers were used by the Australian aborigines for food.


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Native Orchid Society of South Australia

Caladenia's Home Page

Caladenia alba - White caladenia orchid

Caladenia argocalla - Common white spider orchid

Caladenia attigens


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